21C7: 21st Chaos Communication Congress Compact C Coding Contest

The submissions and test protocols are now online. The Winner was Walter Misar with his 254 byte short solution. Walter generously has prepared a commented version. We also gave a special prize to Andreas Krennmair. He presented a 152 bytes solution that needed a special build script with several hundred bytes of preprocessor defines.

You can find here our detailed test summary on i386 and our test summary on MacOS X. The test script that generates the test data and runs the tests is also available.

The winners presentation was at the 29th Dec, 14:45, Häcksenraum (basement).

The Problem and the Contest rules are online now.

See also the Wiki page

For the 21C3, the CCC Ulm holds a Compact C Coding Contest.

You can also have a look at our earlier contests

Have fun at your machines...
Die Juroren
Giselbert Hinkelmann
Jürgen Dollinger
Markus Schaber
Michael Feiri
Nicolas Roeser

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